Thank you for your interest in the World Methodist Museum. Linked below is the protocol that will be used to determine how the transfers are made and the core values that will be used to determine the important sharing of this ministry. We hope this is helpful and we look forward to receiving your proposal.
You may address questions to and every effort will be made to answer in a timely manner.
The committee has released the criteria for individuals and organizations such as museums, theological schools, etc. below.


The World Methodist Council Museum is closed. This difficult decision was made by the CEO and
General Secretary, Ivan Abrahams, the CFO and Treasurer, Kirby Hickey, and the World Methodist
Council Steering Committee, which is comprised of 28 members from around the world. The
Steering Committee has conducted a number of studies and assessments and must look forward to
the future and stability of the World Methodist Council.

Since The World Methodist Museum will permanently close, it is in the early stages of this process.
A Museum Archive Committee has been formed that includes persons with knowledge in letters,
pamphlets, books, paintings, busts, figurines, and other Wesley and Methodist memorabilia. This
group will assist with the valuing and recommending of placement of said items.

Every effort will be made to distribute items in a fair and equitable manner. Museums and
colleges/universities that will share the Methodist and Wesleyan story with the public will be given
preference in the distribution. Smaller museums that help get the story to underserved populations
will receive impartial treatment with larger museums and universities. Those receiving items,
whether by gift or purchase, will pay for the packing and shipping of all artifacts, including glass,
wood paper or other objects.

For everything there is a season, and many are thankful for your help and contributions during the
seasons of the Museum. Thank you, too, for your support of the Council’s decision.


Individuals, museums, schools, and venues interested in asking for Museum artifacts should contact the World
Methodist Council Office at Every effort will be made to
address communication in the order it is received.


Widow’s Mite

The Christian lesson of the widow’s mites, as relayed in Luke (21:1-4) and Mark (12:41-44), is an enduring testament to the value of faith.
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Asbury Trunk

After Bishop Francis Asbury’s death in 1816 this trunk was given to Rev. Daniel Asbury, then a presiding elder in the South Carolina Conference.
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Death Mask of John Wesley

The original Death Mask of John Wesley is housed in the Osborn Collection at Drew University.
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A Christian Library – First Edition

Among his many writings, John Wesley edited and abridged a number of devotional classics and republished them in what he called A Christian Library.
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