Acquisitions Policy

The World Methodist Museum will accept donations of material items that fit into its mission and ministry.

The Museum, as a responsible and ethical member of the museum community and of your community, keeps collections in the public trust.

The Museum provides a safe, secure, climate-controlled storage area for items, because caring for and preserving collections is one of the primary responsibilities of a museum.

The Museum is working to enhance its acquisition documentation to better reflect what is being given, when, and by whom, because keeping track of what it owns is also one of the primary responsibilities of a museum.

The World Methodist Museum may choose to accept or decline items and seeks those items that fill a gap in the current collection.

If you are interested in donating items whether it is artifacts, books, or papers, please contact the director of the Museum, Jackie R. Bolden. Correspondence with the Director in no way obligates you to give the Museum your items now or in the future, nor would it obligate the Museum to accept them.  Please be advised that people associated with the Museum are not allowed to place a value on any of your donated items.

What about a loan?

Another important aspect of good museum stewardship is to not accept loaned materials unless it is for a specific purpose, usually a particular exhibit. Again, if you have items that you may want to lend but not give, you are welcome to contact the director.

Thank you for your interest in the World Methodist Museum, a ministry of the World Methodist Council.