From the Director…

By Sarah Beth Lee

Spring has finally turned to summer and the Museum is full of activity. As my time as the director of the World Methodist Museum comes to a close, I want to take a moment and thank the Friends of the World Methodist Museum for their support. I will be answering a calling to join the field of public education, but I leave knowing that the Friends are steering the Museum towards exciting developments and happenings in the future.

The Museum’s collection is unsurpassed and the history that it shares is invaluable¾these underlying qualities will bolster its continued success. Jackie Bolden’s skill-set will be an excellent addition to the institution and I have no doubt that it is on track to reach its goals in the future. During my short time here, I have been able to incorporate basic policies and procedures that will guide and help protect the long-term integrity and vitality of the museum. With Jackie’s incoming organizational and marketing expertise, she will be able to build on that base by effectively spreading word of the endless array of Methodist artifacts and history that are on display in the Museum. Accordingly, the Museum’s treasures will continue to inspire and educate generations to come.